Formed in August 2016, LGBeeTs is the supporters group for LGBT+ Brentford fans.
Our aim is “for all fans to be able to support and follow Brentford FC home and away safely, without fear, and without hearing homophobic, biphobic or transphobic abuse”.
We believe that with better visibility and support for LGBTQ fans, we can work together to make this happen.
We are part of the Pride in Football network working with other LGBT+ fan groups to support eachother in moving forward.

We have made great progress already in our first year, from our first meet up to helping plan club events like the Wonderkid screening and rainbow laces day – and there’s more to come in 2017/18!


What do we do?
  • Talk to fans on social media – we are Bees and we are part of the Brentford family
  • Collaborate with Brentford FC, BIAS and others
  • Work with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) to help protect all football fans, and in particular engaging with the Fans for Diversity campaign
  • Provide visibility at the ground with our flag, encouraging fans to think about what they chant, and letting any LGBT+ fans (or players!) know they are not alone
Get involved
We are open to LGBTQ Bees fans and our allies within the Brentford family. If you believe football should be for everyone, and want to help us make sure that Brentford stays a friendly and welcoming club for all fans, get in touch!
twitter: @LGBT_Bees
instagram: lgbeet_brentford